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“What is needed is a sincere resolution that we are going to make our world free from suffering, we are going to adopt means and measures which will do this thing as soon as possible. And when we start our effort — help comes, and help comes, and help comes, and our purpose gets accomplished. We are standing for the most laudable aspiration that the world has ever known. We are rising to eliminate suffering.”

Squaw Valley, USA — August 29, 1968


“The single most profound application of my Vedic Science and Technology is the group practice of the TM Sidhi program”


May 11, 1991

In this quote Maharishi confirms that large groups of Sidhas, who synchronize their flying times while doing their program individually in separate locations, can also have a very significant influence in creating coherence in collective consciousness.

Maharishi expressed this in the context of a discussion of synchronized flying for the rising number of Sidhas in the former Soviet Union. Maharishi said:

“I think this is very timely and it is required immediately. Similar steps are taken in Moscow and in the US.

The enthusiasm for 7000 in Moscow is so great that we are compelled to find an alternative without the halls. You remember when we had on the map, the same timing from north to south— [same time zone] everyone would fly at the same time.

Same formula has been told to all the flyers in Moscow that they would fly morning and evening and they would fly comfortably in their own homes, if halls are not available.

Effect will be 75-80%. We will be satisfied for 75% effect.

The news is that they have some places for 200 flyers in ten places in Washington. In Moscow the idea is 7000 will fly soon. Now there are 1500 flyers and they begin to fly at home.

This is the emergency measure that the Movement is taking in all parts of the world

And that is very right and timely. It is an emergency. It is a great emergency.”


“When we do our practice in a group, everyone enjoys the effect of everyone else in the group. If we have a group of hundreds of people, the effect of the group purity on our personal experience will be many, many times more.

In a group you get many, many times more refined perception than when you practice alone. That is the reason why in a group the experiences are deeper. Deeper experiences mean that the awareness fathoms much greater levels of unity.

In the Transcendental Meditation-Sidhi practice, you have gone from diversity to unity. So the deeper you go, the purer the levels of unity you perceive. So the ability of perception becomes many, many times more in a group of a hundred flyers.

It is the perception; it is the direct experiencing process that unfolds clearer values of the Transcendental Meditation-Sidhis in a group.”


“Now I do want to emphasize the need for group program very much, because the situation in the world is such that it needs urgent purification of the whole atmosphere… Nobody may remind you of the importance of group meditation… It is enough that I have brought this to your attention once in a lifetime. Follow it through your life. You will be doing such a great service to the whole world which cannot be rendered in any other way.”


“This knowledge alone will save the world. If you knew how important it was you would do nothing else.”


“Government is not an independent entity. It depends on the collective consciousness of the nation. Government is silently governed by the collective consciousness of the people. A strong influence of coherence in collective consciousness is the only hope.”


“Our problems in life, whatever great nonsense they seem to be, they are not even a particle of dust. They look so great as long as our consciousness has not been enlightened on that angle. And once we get the enlightenment, no problem. Problems are not to be solved (on the level of problem) because problems are just imaginary. What is necessary to solve the problem is raise the consciousness, and then it is solved.”


“At the scale of Super Unification (Physics) all aspects of Natural Law at every point in the universe become infinitely correlated with each other.

“Every single Law of Nature functions in accordance with the holistic value of Natural Law, and this is how order is maintained through the evolutionary direction of the invincible organising power of Natural Law.

“A delicate impulse at any one point in space and time can create a precipitous change throughout the entire universe. This long-range correlation explains how action on the level of the Unified Field, at the scale of Super Unification (transcendental field of intelligence), can have a profound influence that can spread anywhere and everywhere throughout the universe.

“In this way the phenomenon of coherence of groups of Yogic Flyers spreads, neutralising the negative tendencies in the whole society. This is how modern science confirms my programmes to provide perfect defence to bring invincibility to every nation.”

Maharishi’s Absolute Theory of Government, 1995, p. 515


World Press Conference 05/24

MAHARISHI: … sometimes we begin to feel anger towards these people (government). Then we compromise and say: how can we be angry at those who cannot think correctly? Their brain functions in a distorted way. So how can you be mad at them? They did drugs when they were young. They’re eating the wrong way. In the name of medicine, they take poison, which attracts the emergence of new diseases. How can you expect them to listen to themselves or feel the desires of other people?

The conclusion that I have is: we will do what we can do ourselves. We will do what we can do and we won’t take anything seriously anymore. Whatever level of cohesion we create in any country – this will be our contribution to creating cohesion in national consciousness. Governments are in such a position that they can’t hear us…

We still have hope in this hopeless world. We are trying to get (large groups) together soon. But the fate of people does not allow us to turn on the bright light so quickly that the dark darkness easily disappears. This is the fate of people, their fate. But I still have hope. I keep going…

No need to be mad at them because if a person is rushing to hell, you can’t stop them. He runs and hurries to get into the gates of hell. What can you do here? But tell him about it before he starts moving in that direction. Tell him: there is divinity within you, the universe within you, the Universe within you. Your soul is the Unified Field. There’s a bliss within you. You are a stream of bliss. You are the stream of the complete Natural Law. You are unbreakable. You are powerful. You are perfect …

It’s all about the overall atmosphere, which has a huge impact on the individual. And the common atmosphere we strive for is a purified common atmosphere: harmony, positivity of the national consciousness of each country, of the whole world consciousness. Big groups, big groups.

And we find our way to create large groups, even if it can’t be done quickly. But we can say that it is not from the lack of our efforts, but from the lack of the luck of the world. We need to find some explanation. And we find a logical explanation: the lack of luck in the world does not allow us to act as fast as we would like. That’s what an explanation is. If something doesn’t work out quickly, then we have a logic that tells us that it depends on the luck of the world.

But whatever the way it is, it gives pleasure. We are on the right track.


“This is the time when the world demands a power of peace in the whole world. The time demands the rise of a peaceful power on earth whose strength will be so globally and concretely realized that all these destructive forces will vanish…”


Maharishi’s Absolute Theory of Defence

Ultimate Defense Strategy 

Defense against space warfare, chemical warfare, biological warfare, genetic warfare, and all possible systems of warfare developing in any country in the future. 

My Absolute Theory of Defence is timely for every nation. Every Prime Minister must be aware that with the collapse of the superpowers a new theme of invasion is sweeping the world and his country is no exception. 

Psychological, sociological, political, and economic storms are being created in different countries that baffle the population, divide the country into pieces, weaken the nation, and manoevre a “quiet take-over”. 

If the military of any country wishes to save its nation from this post-industrial philosophy of invasion the only way is to immediatly create a PREVENTION WING of Yogic flyers and create integrated national consciousness, which is the only reliable saviour from the problems of the nation.

Space exploration has advanced so much that anything on earth can be destroyed without anyone knowing who is destroying and from where the shots are coming. 

A simple looking man will carry in his pocket a small instrument to locate any object on earth in terms of its longitude and latitude. He will relay the information to the nearest secret station from where it will be transmitted by satellite to the space war station, and from space the target will be hit and the network of spy systems on the ground will take over the administration. 

It will be only a matter of one minute and the Military Chief will say, “My radar man did not inform me”; but all these stories and logic will not be of any significance when the administration has already changed hands. 

The take-over of any country, in a matter of minutes, is completely possible today with the advanced space war strategy. There are government who are quietly and secretly spreading a network of information in the guise of improving the economy and in the name of industrial development. There is no security for any nation from the strategy of space war, which means a “one minute take-over”. 

Let the arguments, international opinions, and cries echo around the world, but when the country is taken over it is gone. 

Another horrible strategy of the enemy is chemical warfare; and yet another horrible stategy of the enemy is biological warfare to spread disease (like the recent plague in India). And yet another horrible strategy of the enemy is through genetic engineering. 

What is the future and fate of the developing nations who are backward in scientific research? Any day any government can be presented with a paper from an embassy saying do this and do that or be ready to meet the consequences of disobeying.

In the glamour of economic development through foreign aid, unimaginable danger is hovering on the horizon of every nation. Today the sovereignity of any nation or the sovereignity of its flag has no meaning. 

A PREVENTION WING in the military is the only saviour from space war, chemical war, biological war, and war strategy through genetic engineering.